Sailing School - learn to sail with ASA certification classes, lessons, & training for new through advanced sailors.


Sailing club with day sailing, cruising, racing - enhance skills and enjoy the fun with unlimited sailing with family and friends at our locations.


Sharing our adventures, experiences and inspirations.


We enjoy the outdoors, nurturing sailors, and messing about with boats.


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LOCATIONS: we sail on the Columbia River (Portland, Oregon), Puget Sound (Olympia and Gig Harbor, Washington) and Lake Washington (Kirkland, Washington).

SAILBOATS: a diverse mix for gaining sailing experience on performance, daysailing and cruising sailboats.


Josh Program Director


Josh has worked with [literally] thousands of sailors across the Northwest and manages sailing classes, membership programs and more.  If interested in learning to sail or a veteran sailor with questions, ask Josh.




Sailors like to have fun. Each month Josh records a social side of sailing that many enjoy, but few see from the perspective of working in sailing....  We hope you enjoy the videos.

July2015 Sailing Life Snapshot


June Snapshot (7-10-2015 1-51 PM)


May Snapshot (7-10-2015 1-51 PM)


April Snapshot (7-10-2015 1-51 PM)




I had a great time in the basic keelboat course. Alan and Paul are excellent instructors, they are both very patient and really enjoyed every aspect of the class. I feel I have been given some very good tools to add to my sailing tool  kit and I'm eager to get back on the water with my local sailing group in Idaho to put them into practice. -Ricky, ASA101 Student, Aug. 2015

Thank you Island Sailing Club, and especially Paul Sammons, my first ASA sailing course was such a success! Clearly passionate about sailing and infinitely patient, Paul was an excellent instructor. He was eloquent in his descriptions and took time to answer all my questions. I would gladly sail with Paul and Island Sailing Club again! -Kristen, ASA101 Student, Aug. 2015

What a great weekend I have to thank the "boys" at Island Sailing Club In Portland... for running a top notch casually fun facility. I learned so much and had so much fun this weekend. Who knows what doors this first step will lead to. -Carlos, ASA101 Student, Aug. 2015

Just wanted to say that Darroch Cohan is an outstanding instructor. 3rd generation sailor, good stories, knowledgeable and fun to learn from. Reignited my interest. Can't say enough about this guy. -Dennis, ISC Member, July 2015