Joining Island Sailing Club gives sailors opportunities to sail, gain experience, and meet other sailors. As an Island Sailing member, you can sail affordably in Portland, Kirkland and Gig Harbor.

What is the Sailing Club? The sailing club expands the training program by giving sailors affordable access to sailing. Gaining practical experience and continuing sailing is important to keep skills and knowledge 'fresh' while building a sailing resume for future chartering (which requires experience). Many members simply enjoy sailing without the cost and hassle of boat ownership (rates are below moorage alone!), and members who plan to purchase a boat have an opportunity to sail different designs and gain in-depth knowledge before that purchase. Some members just enjoy social aspects like racing, cruising and meeting other sailors....

Sailing club on columbia river in Portland

What is Required? The minimum requirement is a Skipper Small Keelboat certification, or equivalent certification (RYA, ASA, US Sailing) or experience. If equivalent certification or experience, we typically require an assessment of the skills.


Standard Membership

The best choice for most sailors as you sail year-round, receive discounts on classes and benefit from access to instructors.

• Great value at a low monthly rate, a fraction of the cost of boat ownership.
• Club benefits are inclusive with no additional fees for day use of 20' to 27' sailboats.
• Dues are $188 per month with a minimum 12 month commitment.
• One-time $100 initiation fee.
Basic Sailing certification or a competence assessment is required for membership.
• Details are found in the Membership Guidelines

Join The Club

To join or if you have questions, please submit the contact form below and we'll follow-up. Our process begins with answering any of your questions, discussing training details and introducing you to the fleet.

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7 Reasons to be an Island Sailing Club Member

LOW MONTHLY RATES. Club membership less than moorage alone and much less expense and hassle than owning a boat.

SAIL WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Qualified (certified) family members are included in your membership.

DISCOUNTS. Get special deals on selected Island Sailing classes, seminars and club group events.

INSTRUCTOR ACCESS. Take your sailing to the next level with our certified instructor team.

MORE SAILING OPPORTUNITIES. Sailboats across the Pacific Northwest and sailing opportunities with other sailing clubs, schools and charter companies.

BE PART OF A COMMUNITY. Meet and sail with like-minded sailors who support fun, social, educational and responsible sailing.

ACHIEVE AMBITIOUS GOALS. Often members join to achieve more ambitious sailing goals such as cruising the in exotic locations, owning a boat or more advanced training.


Need Help? Contact Island SailingAlternatively, you can contact Stephen directly at or (503) 285-7765 with questions, for more information or to sign-up!

Island Sailing Portland Clubhouse

Sailing Club Feedback

A note from Josh (May 2019):

At the base of the marina, rising and falling with the tide throughout the year, rests Island Sailing; the small club with a huge heart. It has been a cornerstone of the sailing community for over 40 years with a focus on sailing education and camaraderie.  Island Sailing provides sailing lessons and membership to sailors new or experienced.  Whether it's in the vibrancy of summer or the doldrums of winter, we have an abundance of sailing opportunities, in addition to a variety of extracurricular activities. 

Regular parties on the dock or in the clubhouse provide a great social outlet as sailors love any reason to get-together.  Member organized race nights see upwards of 30 participants every Monday evening throughout the peak season, and the community-wide ‘Sailing on Sunday’ winter races keep those who don’t watch football active throughout the off-season.  The club also hosts more formal gatherings, off the Island, in downtown Portland at hot spots such as the Pearl District and Park Blocks.

ISC is well-connected throughout the Pacific Northwest and happy to share those connections so you can pursue your sailing goals beyond the Columbia River.

Please stop by for a visit. We would love to welcome you to our floating home away from home and have you become a member of our community.

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Paul P. on 1/8/18

Happy new year!  I left so quickly last year I didn't get a chance to say thank you for all the great sails.  You guys were all awesome and very supportive. 5 star service. I don't know when I'm getting back this year from the Middle East but when I do I'd def like to sign up again. Will stay in touch. God bless.

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Colin B. on 4/30/17

For serious and low key, recreational sailors alike, Island Sailing Club can't be beat.  At a fraction of what it would cost to register, maintain, insure and moor a boat, and a lot less expensive than other clubs, Island Sailing has a great selection of well maintained boats in various rigs and lengths.

Probably the best part of the club are the other members - a fun, easy going group.  Racing maniacs and casual puff-chasers, beginners and trans-ocean Captains, the members are great fun to spend time with on deck or in the clubhouse.

The classes are taught by experienced, approachable sailors at a deep discount for members which makes Island Sailing Club a perfect opportunity for sailors trying - as I am - to get as much experience and education as possible, as quickly as possible and as economically as possible.

Take a class, meet Josh, Alan, Dave and Mr. Mittens.  You will be glad that you did.

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Chi Naruse on 4/29/17

I had an opportunity to be on my friend's sailing boat and it made me want to know about sailing. Until then, I wasn't interested in any water sports and I was even scared of water.

So I decided to take the first sailing and the weekend basic sailing class at the Island Sailing. The instructor Stephen has great knowledge and lots of experience. He was willing to share it and teaching me patiently with encouragement! I learned from him so much!

The Program Director Josh has been so supportive since I sent my first email to ask about classes. To start learning about sailing from 0 (sailing terminology was foreign to me at the beginning!) has been challenging. But I've started getting on a boat with a mentor and I learn every time and am more comfortable to be on a boat. That makes me happy. My decision to learn sailing was right. Josh and the instructors provide warm-welcoming atmosphere and support. Without them, I didn't think that way. Thank you so much!

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Dan on 11/1/2015

We've been members of the Island Sailing Club for several years. The staff are great, the boats are pretty good and the price is cheap. $184 a month, to take out a boat that you don't have to do any upkeep on. Their classes are a good deal too. We sail most weekends and also go to their semi-annual formals and their dock parties are terrific too.

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Dieter W. on 9/1/2015

Happy 20th Dieter: Hi Alan, I just saw that my first certification from ISC was dated 7-94. How cool is that!? It speaks a lot of the quality of ISC, and especially the excellence of the people who work there! Since the beginning it has been a huge pleasure to be part of ISC, and I have always appreciated the awesome instructions, the technical assistance, and the countless perks I had received over the years! I am very fortunate to have made so many friends among the sailing community, mostly through the Club! My heartfelt “Thank You!” to all of you!

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Sean on 6/1/2015

Island Sailing  has done a great job training us with an emphasis on safety and seamanship. Through our membership, we have been able to sail on the Columbia River, the Willamette River, and the Puget Sound.... A friendly and knowledgeable staff combined with a nice selection of boats in the Puget Sound and Portland locations makes Island Sailing the ideal place to gain or maintain your sailing skills.... The foundational sailing skills obtained have given us the ability to sail, charter, teach and ultimately gave us the confidence to purchase our own boat.

4 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Bridget P. on 8/1/2013

We've been members of the Island Sailing Club for several years. The staff are great, the boats are pretty good and the price is cheap. $184 a month, to take out a boat that you don't have to do any upkeep on. Their classes are a good deal too. We sail most weekends and also go to their semi-annual formals and their dock parties are terrific too. The boats are pretty basic, but they work well.