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A variety of sailing and sailor resources - information, classes, books, and even quotes.

ISland Sailing Sailor ResourcesNauticEd Online Classes» offer the largest and most advanced selection of interactive online sailing clinics and courses available in sailing today.

Sailing Gear» a selection of gear that we recommend sailors consider, and notably we're only recommending gear that we've tried or keep in our sailing bag....

Sailing Books» a collection of our recommended and favorite sailing books - our"Library" of sailing books includes instructional, many navigation, and a few essentials!

Starpath Homestudy Courses» The Starpath School of Navigation will prepare you for certification tests offered by ANY sailing association in any nation.

Sailing Quotes» an ongoing list of many of our favorite sailing quotes, proverbs and inspirations.

2 FREE sailing courses and free online sailing logbook with NauticEdNauticEd Free Stuff: NauticEd offers 2 FREE classes (Nav Rules and Sail Trim) that we recommend for all sailors.  It's free, no obligation.  Also, membership includes an online logbook/resume (and some fun apps) that records your training and experience progress, can be automatically sent to charterers worldwide, and otherwise makes life easier for beginner and Salty sailors alike. Good "stuff", for more information GO»

Affiliates and Web Resources

  • AGWE Sailing - if in Portland, Capt. Frankland's one of the top instructors in the NW and offers afternoon sails and private instruction.
  • West Coast Sailing - these guys know their dingies, and a Great resource for foulies and gear
  • NauticEd - the world's leader in online sailing education
  • Starpath - David Burch and Starpath publish extraordinary materials, and their pro-level courses are the best in the NW

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