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Island Sailing continually reviews, tests and develops sailing programs: including (a) knowledge materials, (b) practical on-the-water training, and (c) as a club, incorporating the long term results of training in terms of how well our students retain knowledge and sail after class.  Unlike most schools in the Northwest, our students sail our boats after class - simply, we see the full spectrum of training from sign-up to class to confident sailor.

Over the past 2 years we extensively tested both NauticEd online classes and Starpath materials with instructors and students, and the results have been impressive.

The Best Tools for the Job:

Sailing ProgressionKnowledge + Practical: knowledge training is more about learning, conceptually, the rules and physics behind sailing.  Practical is hand's-on instruction focused more on developing your skills and seamanship.

NauticEd: Island Sailing incorporates NauticEd's online classes and clinics into our courses for knowledge and as preparation for your practical class.  Moreover, you can gain NauticEd certification (recognized internationally) as well as their cool tools, apps and online logbook.

Starpath: David Burch and the Starpath team in Seattle are recognized as leaders in Navigation training, celestial, weather, and Radar.  We incorporate Starpath books and workbooks into our relevant practical classes, as well as offer Starpath's Home Study courses at a discount for our students and members.

What's the Difference?  Really, it's about your sailing goals and the level of training.  Our courses are "programs" that combine the best materials (online or book) for a particular subject plus practical training from a qualified instructor.  For training, we recommend a practical course using the best materials for the program, and if going a la-carte on knowledge training, we suggest NauticEd to start and Starpath Home Study for more experienced and committed sailors.

NauticEd, the World's Most Advanced Sailing Education

NauticEd Worlds most advanced sailing education. Click and receive 2 free online sailing courses.

NauticEd offers online classes, certification, ICC certification and great membership tools/apps for building a sailing resume. We've tested NauticEd's systems extensively found several advantages for our students:

Positive Learning Experience: students find NauticEd's interactive and online training format easier and more fun than reading a book. Especially in today's "time stressed" life, learning sailing concepts quickly and enjoyably makes the overall experience more positive.

Retention: an unexpected surprise was that students retain sailing knowledge better and longer with online training; and with students scoring on average 96% +2 weeks after learning the materials! This makes sense: cramming and testing on the second day of a practical class (when you're a bit tired) versus learning and testing in the comfort of your home - you're more relaxed, rested and less stressed when learning knowledge online.

Better Practical Classes: online training doesn't replace training with an experienced instructor, and 'conceptual' learning doesn't include hands-on skills and on-the-water training.  But with better preparation and testing online, your on-the-water training in a weekend increases by about 4+ hours within the same class time!  It's simple: would you rather test in a class and have a USCG Licensed instructor twiddling his/her thumbs, or tap their experience and knowledge with on-the-water training and sailing?  Like most sports wherein you "play like you practice", and more sailing practice means you'll sail more skillfully and confidently....

'Cloud' Certification and Sailing Resume: Simply, NauticEd's system tracks your progress, whether by online classes or instructor practical, and gives you tools (incl. mobile apps) to record your sailing time. All this goes into a online sailing resume that you can either print, or directly email, to Charter companies.

ICC (International Certificate of Competency) Certification: In the Northwest, we (a) train many international students, and (b) many of our students go on to Charter and sail in international waters. Depending on the country, the ICC certification is required. NauticEd offers a path to the ICC.

For example, Try NED

Access to NED is provided FREE to the world courtesy of

2 FREE sailing courses and free online sailing logbook with NauticEdNauticEd Free Stuff: NauticEd offers 2 FREE classes (Nav Rules and Sail Trim) that we recommend for all sailors. It's free, no obligation. Also, membership includes an online logbook/resume (and some fun apps) that records your training and experience progress, can be automatically sent to charterers worldwide, and otherwise makes life easier for beginner and Salty sailors alike. Good "stuff", for more information GO→


starpath navigation and weatherThe Starpath School of Navigation offers the most comprehensive knowledge training for committed sailors, and their courses will prepare you for certification tests offered by ANY sailing association in any nation. We recommend these courses for sailors who are experienced and plan to sail for extended periods, charter frequently or sail offshore.

Island Sailing incorporates Starpath materials into our Navigation, Weather and Radar courses, and we're excited to now offer sailors Starpath's online Home Study Courses! Island Sailing members and students receive a 5% discount!

Starpath Homestudy Courses GO»