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NauticEd is the World's Most Advanced Online Sailing Education.  We recommend NauticEd not just for their online training, but because they empower sailors with free resources. Free forever!

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  • Free Nav Rules and Sail Trim Classes (essential for sailors)
  • Free Lifetime Online Logbook
  • Free Badges
  • Free Lifetime Sailing Resume
  • Access to sailing courses, both on-the-water and online

Free Sailing Courses:

2 FREE sailing courses and free online sailing logbook with NauticEd• Navigational Rules Clinic:  a great introduction for new sailors, and a helpful refresher for experienced salts.  The clinic includes realistic illustrated situations for learning "Stand On", who gives way with power vessels, and how not to get squashed by big container ships.

• Basic Sail Trim: learn or refresh the basics of sail trim.  The basic concepts of sail trim are explained using multimedia interactive html5 animation technology, meaning you'll have various trim controls at your mouse tip and you'll be watching wind effects right in front of your eyes on your computer screen.

Free Lifetime Online Logbook:

Nauticed logbook entry

Logbook entry

Airline pilots, naval seamen, scientists and scuba divers all maintain a logbook. So why don’t sailors?  We do, and we teach students to maintain meticulous logbooks of your sailing.  Several reasons for this, but the #1 reason is that chartering requires experience above all else.  Yes, experience is even more important than your sailing certifications (ask any Old Salt).  NauticEd offers a FREE and brilliant online logbook, tied to mobile apps, that makes logging your time easy.

Since most logbook time is unverified (whether online or in writing), NauticEd offers free "Crew Mate Authentication" to verify your sailing time.  Whether you're a skipper, or crew, your mates can easily authenticate your Sea Time.

Free Badge and Status System:

nauticed free sailing and boating badgesEarn Sailing Badges and Status by doing the "right" kind of activities on the water.  NauticEd recognizes and promotes those individuals who exhibit the proper and responsible boating behavior: good boating habits include having a well maintained boat, being properly educated, regularly inspecting onboard equipment and having the proper practical experience along with other behaviors.

Each Badge has associated and related behaviors called Activities. Each Activity has an assigned amount of points. You earn Status from your total accumulated points regardless of Badges.  And, higher Status and more Badges indicate a more responsible sailor. Learn more about badges »

Free Lifetime Sailing Resume:

All comes together in the Sailing Resume.  All of the above - courses, experience (logbook), activity (badges) and more - is compiled into an online resume representing your sailing experience.  You can print it, download it, email it, and even have charterer's access it directly.

The "and more" part's below:

  • Logbook activity, including both sailing and powerboat
  • Awarded badges
  • Operational experience (anchoring, overnight sailing, etc…)
  • All verified competency, which includes NauticEd sailing school classes
  • All other sailing and boating experience and certifications (from ASA, RYA, etc…)

Read more in How to Gain a Sailing Certification.  Excellent information!

NauticEd How to Gain a Sailing Certification

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