Sailboat Rental

Portland Sailing School. Learn to sail in Portland, Oregon with sailing classes and lessons.Currently, the only rental sailboat available is a 22' in Portland.  Restrictions apply.

For other sailboats and locations, Island Sailing offers a "Social Membership" for limited boat use. See the club page more information »

Rentals begin at 11am and boats must return by 4:45pm unless other arrangements are made in advance. Payment is due in full before casting off. 

Rates (by sailboat length):

  • 20' sailboat: $175 per day
    (Requirements include NauticEd Small Keelboat, ASA 101 or equivalent.)
  • 22' sailboat: $200 per day
    (Requirements include NauticEd Small Keelboat, ASA 101 or equivalent.)
  • 25' sailboat: $290 per day
    (For preferred and returning renters only.  Requirements include NauticEd Skipper, ASA 103 or equivalent.)

Additional Fees:

  • $25 Initial Set-up Fee (does not apply to ISC students or members)
  • $200 Cleaning and Damage Deposit, returned after the boat is successfully checked-in after the rental

Please note that Island Sailing reserves the right to require additional testing or deny service to anyone lacking recent and relevant sailing experience or certification.  Simply, we ask sailors to be qualified to operate our vessels competently, safely and with a understanding of the inherent risks of our local waters.

To Reserve a Boat

Please contact us and note the location and preferred dates in the message.  We'll respond within 24hrs.

Alternatively contact us directly at (503) 285-7765

NauticEd Online Logbook Resume

The rental process includes us reviewing your sailing experience and certification. For this we recommend the NauticEd online Logbook and Resume - a real time Logbook Resume for FREE.Read More

At anytime, a sailor can download from the NauticEd cloud the Logbook Resume as a PDF document and email to any charter company, practical school or others. Or the sailor can make the resume accessible to yacht charter companies with an email address and logbook code. As such, your logbook is always available 24/7 in the cloud.

The Logbook Resume is securely protected. Only persons given express permission via their secret logbook code by the student can view the Logbook Resume.  The NauticEd mobile App also allows the student to update their logbook anytime.

2 FREE sailing courses and free online sailing logbook with NauticEd1. Sign-up or Sign-in by clicking the NauticEd button, and the sign-up/in page will open in another tab.

2. Simply enter your sailing history and experience as you go online when you login to your NauticEd account.

3. Follow the directions to either email your resume directly to us, download, or give us a verification code.

Why a Sailing Resume?  Pilots record their flight time in a logbook because it is an absolute must for determining the potential competency of the pilot. The United States Coast Guard and maritime agencies require a person to document their practical time on the water for professional boating licenses. Yet, in reality few if any sailors document their time in a paper logbook. Practically, it's just not done. Read More

Charter and Rental companies, however, when determining if they will charter a boat to you, will ask you every time for a sailing resume and a list of practical experience to ascertain the worthiness of the sailor - and rightly so. Sailors typically scramble to determine their sailing experience and often misquote real experience due to lack of documentation.

Sailors deserve to be recognized for their experience. Other than NauticEd, there is no existing sailing certificate that recognizes this because of the previous lack of practicality in logging time on paper. Times have changed and NauticEd has met the challenge to recognize sailors for their achievements.

NauticEd has made it easy to document on the water experience using the power of the Internet. After a days sailing you can simply boot up your iPhone, Android device or hand-held web browser, run the application, hit one button and viola - you've logged your day out on the water. Alternatively, you can log any experience past or present via your Facebook page or just log into and do the same. It's that simple and easy.

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