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Founded by Dieter Waiblinger (a long-time Island Sailing club member and Northwest sailor), Sail2Change offers multi-year and outdoor recreation oriented programs for troubled youth.

Island Sailing fully supports Dieter and Sail2Change's gallant efforts to help troubled youth by providing them the tools and resources needed for personal growth and success....

Sail2change fresh wind of opportunity for youth


WILDERNESS & SAILING TRAINING: The first year starts as a four-week summer camp to give one hundred 10th graders a chance to get away from their regular environment and learn survival skills connecting them to the natural environment. The program builds trust, leadership skills, self-confidence and teamwork.

A YEAR AT SEA: The second year includes traveling aboard a sailing vessel - offering an environment that positively challenges students with situations and routines that only can be mastered through cooperation, teamwork, trust, personal responsibility, confined personal space, and continual physical and mental demands. Each person on board will learn quickly that success depends on each student’s contribution: everyone aboard a vessel has responsibilities that impact the well-being and productivity of the entire crew and voyage.

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: After completion of the year at sea, students will be invited to remain in Portland to live at a Sail2Change housing and will attend a local high school. Students are required to work part-time for the organization for pay. The same amount earned, will be set aside in escrow by Sail2Change and will be available as part of tuition if the student decides to register for continued education. Students are able to apply for a mentor position for new participants and spokespersons for the organizations.

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Volunteers needed! Support today's youth - give the gift of sailing.

Island Sailing will need volunteers for the sailing part (yep, we're sailing with the kiddos), and Sail2Change needs volunteers for Committees, support, etc....  If interested or you have questions, please submit the form below.


Need Help? Contact Island SailingAlternatively, contact Dieter directly at

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