NauticEd Tracklink – Sailing App with GPS Tracking, Anchor Alarm, & more

NauticEd just released (yesterday) the new "Tracklink" app - and we're super-excited!  It's free (forever) for all NauticEd students, otherwise $4.99 for non-students (note basic students may need to wait a few days - NE is updating it to be free for basic students. We'll keep you posted).

TrackLink on Itunes, click HERE.

A little background: keeping a logbook is essential for a 'sailing resume' required by everyone from chartering companies to USCG licensing. Traditionally recorded by hand, NauticEd offered a free online logbook that can be sent to charter companies as a sailing resume - an innovation in itself.  But, whether by paper or the cloud, it's been a manual process.

NauticEd Tracklink HomeInstead, this app records your sailing (via smartphone GPS/location services) AND uploads it to your online/cloud sailing logbook. Simply, go sailing and that experience is recorded.  Done. Want to charter, click a button to send this 'qualified' data to a chartering company as a 'resume'. Brilliant....

The vessel emergency features are welcomed as well. It makes a LOT OF SENSE that if tracking one's position, and if an emergency, this data could be used to alert others.

And, innovations abound. TrackLink uses a method of "Geofencing" to automate the recording process, which also makes for a clever anchor watch application.  When on the hook, you simply draw a "fence" or boundary around your position - i.e., leave that area and an alarm sounds. What's helpful is that unlike many anchor watch tools (many of which are complex), this is really, really simple and allows for customized boundaries around actual hazards (not just a circle).

Grant Headifen, the principle of NauticEd and developer, asked that Island Sailing members try it out, and that we give feedback on any bugs, needed improvements or even just brainstorming ideas of future enhancements or additions.  Grant's a big believer in letting sailor feedback drive the development and priorities of his systems.

If you don't already have NauticEd's free logbook and resume account, you can sign-up HERE. 2 FREE sailing courses and free online sailing logbook with NauticEd

*The "Free Forever" is an approach we applaud, and by that NauticEd does not charge a membership fee or anything additional to retain access to the cloud logbook, resume or app.


  1. Argh. I sure hope an Android version is planned. The operating systems have a comparable market share, so this is leaving half of all mobile users bereft of the benefits.

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