Sail Coaching

Coaching Sessions offer sailing with fellow students under the supervision of a sailing instructor, who will sail alongside the group in a separate boat.

Course Details

Saturday Coaching Sessions Capt CrawfordCoaching Sessions are a unique and rewarding way for sailors to gain confidence, more practical time on the water and have A LOT of fun. Each 4 hour Coaching Session will focus on just the skills and techniques the students need help perfecting. These skills will vary from tacking and gybing to reefing and heaving-to.

A certified instructor will meet with the students and discuss which skills and drills are going the be worked on during the day’s session. The students will then rig and cast off on their own boats; 2 to 4 students per boat. The instructor will then guide the students through their drills over the radio from his own boat. A debriefing on the docks will close out the day’s activities.

A student may come to as many sessions as they like. This is also a great way to prepare for upcoming classes and gain sea-days towards certification requirements. Since each class is focusing on very specific skills of just the student in attendance, each class will be unique and challenging.

Smiles guaranteed!

Sessions to be held throughout the summer, and two weeks’ notice is required to schedule a class.


• Coaching Sessions: $70 per sailor/session (Members $50.00)

What's Included:

• 4+ Hours Small Group Instruction

To Register:

at (503) 285-7765 for upcoming class dates, to sign-up, and we'll certainly answer any questions you may have.

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