Private Sailing Instruction

private sailing instruction, sailing certification challengeWork one-on-one with an instructor to focus on improving skills, experience and techniques.  Island Sailing works with many of the top instructors and experts in the country, and we offer many services beyond the classroom:

  • Refresh your skills with an on-the-water evaluation and while sailing with an instructor. This is helpful if you have training and experience but haven't sailed in while, need a refresher, and meanwhile the instructor will focus on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Certification Challenge: experience, skilled and want to skip the certification class? Challenging a certification is two-part, (a) passing the knowledge test and (b) having a licensed instructor qualify your competence on the water.
  • Refine and Learn new skills: We work with several highly skilled instructors, many who specialize in different areas of sailing, and who can teach specific skills.
  • International Certificate of Competence ICC preparation: work with an instructor to prepare for the pass/fail assessment. Instructors who prepare ICC candidates have trained with RYA (Royal Yachting Association) instructors on ICC assessments and are intimate with required knowledge and skills.
  • Train on your boat. If you've recently purchased a new boat, our instructors can assist in training and familiarization with your sailboat.
  • Voyage Planning, Weather and Navigation: if planning a charter or an excursion, instructors can assist on all planning aspects, incl. navigation and route planning, provisioning, and weather.
  • Boat Delivery: if sailing offshore or for extended distances, our USCG licensed instructors can assist and captain your vessel. Often this includes instruction and certification for you and your crew. 

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Meet the Experts

Sailing professionals who offer a wide range of private instruction and consulting.

Captain Alan Somervell

Alan Somvervell USCG Captain ASA Instructor Director of Operations Island Sailing

Operations Director & Lead Instructor, Waterman

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Capt. Stephen Frankland

USCG Stephen Frankland Instructor

Senior Instructor, Performance Sailor, ICC, Delivery Captain

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Capt. AJ Brannan

Senior Instructor, Kirkland Fleet & Program Manager


Larry Brandt

Senior Instructor, Navigation & Radar Expert, Starpath Instructor

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Dave Wilkinson

Dave Wilkinson ASA Starpath Island Sailing Instruction

Senior Instructor, Weather Expert, Northwest Maritime Center

Rates & Scheduling

Rates vary based on the type of instruction, needed equipment and the instructor. The training is customized for you, your goals and budget. Scheduling and often rates are typically arranged directly with the instructor to keep it flexible with your schedule, and so that you can speak with instructor and discuss goals before committing.

Need Help? Contact Island SailingContact Capt. Alan Somervell at or (503) 285-7765 to arrange private sailing instruction. Capt. Somervell is Island Sailing's Lead Instructor and Director of Operations, and he will discuss your goals, assist with details and connect you with the right instructor.