Failure to use an Island Sailing vessel without acceptance of and in accordance with the terms of Island Sailing’s Operator Terms and Conditions, Liability Waiver and in compliance with federal and state laws, is prohibited, grossly negligent and may result in liability.

Checking out a vessel:

  • Thoroughly inspect the Vessel and Equipment. Give special attention to safety gear and its location.
  • Complete float plan and sign check out form. If paper form, drop off check out form with ISC employee or deposit in an ISC mailbox.
  • Contact Island Sailing staff with any questions or concerns prior to departure (503) 285-7765
  • Wear a life jacket! Note that some vessels may have “junior” life jackets rated for wearers up to 90lbs, which are not appropriate for adults. The throwable flotation device must be accessible in the cockpit at all times.

Island Sailing Check Out forms and Information:

Check out form » environmentally conscious or no paper form on board?  Complete the online checkout form.

Operator Terms & Conditions » The policies required for the use of an Island Sailing vessel or service.

Release and Indemnification Agreement » required for participation in an Island Sailing activity (including using Island Sailing vessels or equipment).



Outboard Engine Operation & Troubleshooting » how to operate, and troubleshoot, outboard engines

Check out information » general information on what to check and a few reminders

Returning the Sailboat » a checklist for tidying and returning the sailboat

Docking Refresher » Rusty with docking?  Here are a few pointers.

Heavy Weather » Additional information if you encounter heavy weather

The Mainsail (reference diagram):