American National Standard – Sail

American National Standard - SailNew American National Standard
for Sailing Training & Assessment

Island Sailing's proud to be one of the first schools in the US to implement the new American National Standard for Sail training and assessment!

This year the United States Coast Guard released a very intelligently designed sailing training and assessment standard. It was submitted to and approved by ANSI (the American National Standards Institute – the USA representative to ISO (International Standards Organization)). The training and assessment standard uses a 37 point comprehensive training system with assessment rubrics to test the student for competence. Instructors then use the rubrics results to objectively make a decision regarding competence. Only those students who are deemed competent according to the ANSI sailing standard are awarded the Certificate. As above, it is a true Certificate of Competence. NOT a “Certificate of Attendance” as we find other companies are essentially issuing. The certificate also displays the American National Standards seal as proof of a successful assessment of competence.

NauticEd has been the first to implement the program not only nationally but internationally. The standard is an excellent example what happens when industry leaders, schools and instructors get together to solve a real problem: too many schools and private associations issuing a private "Certificate of Attendance" and NOT a real Certificate of Competence. The new standard uses a rubric methodology to assess performance in each skill. In this manner, the instructor can make an objective decision as to whether the student should gain a real competence certificate.

What does this mean? Going forward our instructors will use the ANSI 'rubric methodology' to objectively assess student performance in our courses.  Upon successful completion, students will receive the ANS endorsement on their sailing certification, which signifies that their certification meets USCG practical competence standards.

Kudos to ISC instructors Alan, Stephen, Bruce and AJ for spearheading this effort!  ISC has worked closely with NauticEd and sister schools to develop the practical implementation of the ANS standard. Simply, it's easy to talk about a "rubric methodology", but not as easy to practically implement on the water and with students! Over the past few months our instructors have been testing these standards alongside other leading NauticEd instructors, and meanwhile sharing results and refining the approach with NauticEd's Director, Grant Headifen.


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