Larry Brandt

Island Sailing and Starpath instructor Larry BrandtLarry Brandt is a long-time Pacific Northwest sailing instructor, rated to teach courses in Advanced Coastal Cruising, Coastal Navigation, Marine Weather and Marine Radar. He also instructs Marine Weather and Marine Radar for Starpath Navigation, an online training academy in Seattle. Larry and Starpath’s David Burch have coauthored four workbooks used by the Starpath school, and now by Island Sailing school as well: Radar Workbook, Navigation Workbook 1210 Tr, Navigation Workbook 18465 Tr, and Navigation Workbook for Practice Underway.

Larry has many sea miles as delivery crew and as skipper of his own Catalina 36 sailboat, which is based in Portland, Oregon and which makes frequent passages to the Salish Sea and back. He is planning an Inside Passage trip to Alaska on his own boat in 2017.

Instructor Larry Brandt

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Larry is retired from a major avionics manufacturer where his career led him to reside in several corners of the US, as well as in Hong Kong and in Singapore. He holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot license, and a Commercial license in helicopters and seaplanes; he has a ham radio license and an FCC General Radiotelephone license with ship radar endorsement.

Starpath Radar workbook by Larry Brandt and David BurchStarpath Navigation Workbook for practice underway

Starpath Navigation Workbook 1210TR

Starpath Navigation Workbook 18465tr