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Island Sailing fields over 35 sailboats in Oregon and Washington.  We offer a diverse selection of boats - some classics, some new - that offer excellent opportunities to experience different sailboat designs and performance characteristics.  For students, the diversity allows our instructors to train on equipment commensurate with the practical skills taught.

Members can reserve boats for which they have the prerequisite training and experience.  Size is one variable, but so is the design, rigging and equipment of the boat.

Santana 20

Santana 20Also known as the "Tuna 20", the Santana 20 is a Shock classic performance keelboat that sails like a dingy. S-20's are rather complex boats with the controls of larger keelboats - excellent for learning and racing! In fact, Oly's 20 is a National Champion.

Catalina Capri 22

Capri 22A member favorite - a Fantastic day sailor. The Capri 22 blends modern day equipment with a large cockpit and strong overall sailing performance - great for friends and family.

Cal 22

Cal 22A combination day sailor and pocket cruiser, built by and for sailors (she'll often out perform boats +25% her size).


J-22A performance boat that, in many respects, is a stronger sailor than a J-24. Whether racing hard or enjoying a casual afternoon sail, a J-22 offers sailors complete control with easy rigging and light displacement performance.

San Juan 23

San Juan 23She's a pocket cruiser with a "lively" performance with her narrow beam and shallow draft. As a cruiser, her "very roomy" cabin is larger than most vessels her size.

Wavelength 24

wavelength 24Like the Santana 20, another Shock classic. The Wavelength 24 is a performance boat excellently balanced for all weather conditions, esp. with Bank's double reefed and big roach mainsail...

Cal 24

Cal 24With eleven hundred lb's of ballast and +260 sq. ft. of sail, she's an excellent pocket cruiser and daysailor with blue water yacht performance.

Catalina 25

Catalina 25Designed as a racer/cruiser, she's one of the most successful production boats ever built. A masthead sloop with a conservative design, she's a solid sailor whether cruising or daysailing.

Catalina 25 (swing keel)

Catalina-25-swing-keel Olympia's 25 Windwalker has made multiple "inside" passages to Alaska and back....  A variant of the Catalina 25, she has an adjustable swing keel.

Zap 26


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A sailing legend, completely overpowered and one of the few sailboats that was SO successful racing - rules were changed to disqualify her.

Hunter 27

Hunter 26.5Known as an 'extraordinary' entry-level cruiser, she features a coastal level outboard with well apportioned spaciousness and amenities.

Cal 27

Cal 27A little sister of Jensen's famous Cal 40, the 27 is a fast moderate displacement sailboat with inboard diesel power. Perfect, in many respects, for sailing the Columbia.

Catalina 30

Catalina 30

Designed over 25 years ago, the traditionally styled Catalina 30 remains extremely popular with cruisers, due to its wide and deep hull creating exceptional volume above and below decks and for its stability under sail. Earth's Edge is uniquely equipped for bareboat training, offering members a wide range of options out of Gig Harbor.