2020 Kirkland Update and Improvements

We’re happy to announce exciting and major 2020 changes to Kirkland Sailing! Julian Croxall is the new manager – a prior club member, accomplished sailor and local Kirkland resident with whom discussions of changes and improvements over the past year evolved into a new vision and initiative of Kirkland Sailing Club. Notably Julian’s efforts include working closely with Kirkland City Parks & Recreation to re-vision sailing on Lake Washington and beyond as a more locally focused and innovative community program. 

Simply an awesome sailing program:

Kirkland Sailing Club• Renaming to Kirkland Sailing Club (KSC) with new to celebrate the initiative as a uniquely Kirkland sailing program. The new site www.kirklandsailingclub.org.

Refreshing and upgrading the boats! Already in the works with new engines being purchased, the Capri 22’s new mast and rigging recently arrived, and currently three boats are in the yard being repaired and upgraded. A rotation of all the boats is planned ready for the start of the new season.

Adding more boats: more on this later, and KSC is currently shopping for additional sailboats….

New systems that include online boat reservations, lesson booking and member account management.

More social and member sailing events, many more! This includes hitting local watering holes as well as developing a Racing Program with other local clubs. All for more fun, skill development and meeting fellow sailors within the Northwest sailing community.

Kirkland Sailing US Sailing and NauticEdTraining program expansion with NauticEd + adding US Sailing. Both NauticEd and US Sailing offer the highest standards, innovation and training quality in sailing today - but in different areas of expertise. The combination creates an unparalleled program while expanding KSC member sailing opportunities in the Northwest.

Thanks to the City of Kirkland! The Second Avenue Pier lease has been renegotiated to include expansion and dock improvements. More potent is the Park & Recreation Department’s relationship and commitment to sailing on Lake Washington – keeping it affordable, safe and fun for everyone.

What’s next?

• Current Kirkland members will receive instructions for logging into the new system. Yes, current membership rates will be continue (no increase).

• For new sailors, you can join at kirklandsailingclub.org/Join.

• In the upcoming weeks we’ll get together to meet Julian as well as further discuss changes and plans for 2020 sailing.


Contact Julian at julian@kirklandsailingclub.org or (425) 595-3440 with questions or just to say hello.


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