2019 Toliva Race

Congrats to Denis & Crew, and Earth's Edge is back in the race!

Denis' report below, and thanks to David Shepherdson for a few pics....

As far as the race is concerned, the results are in, and we came in fourth out of six boats in cruising class. The results are here: https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=16247. As you'll see, only a few minutes separate the top four boats! And we beat two faster boats, including Desert Sage, who was way ahead of us for the first two thirds of the race, but whom we passed at the Nisqually Flats buoy! She was far behind us at the finish line. The other boat behind us, Mystik, we passed about an hour earlier, and she eventually retired. 

Even though we didn't place, in my opinion it was the best race we've sailed up till now. We had a great start and, unlike previous races, we had our opposition in our sights the whole time. In fact, Emma Lee and we traded places three separate times during the race. Our sail trim was very good, and we made good use of navigation during the race (for example, we used compass bearings and our chart to plot a layline to the Nisqually Flats buoy, and we fetched the mark perfectly! Both Emma Lee and Desert Sage missed it and had to tack back around). I also had a set of current charts, which proved priceless. I couldn't be happier!

A lot of credit should go to Justin Rose and David Shepherdson, who were my crew for this race. They did a terrific job, and we're already talking about our next race together. I'm attaching a few photos from this weekend....

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