A Contrarian’s Inside Passage – May 12th

We love hearing Larry Brandt's sailing tales and adventures - and learn much from each....  Join Larry at PYC on May 12th.

Instructor Larry BrandtIn 1937, 'Wrong Way' Corrigan set out from New York to fly to San Diego and instead wound up Ireland. And would you believe that in the summer of 2017 PYC's Larry Brandt set out from Portland to sail around Cape Horn and instead wound up in Juneau, Alaska??? No, I didn't think you would. Actually, he departed Portland on May 16 to travel 3,000 miles over 4 1/2 summer months via the Inside Passage to Juneau and back. "The Admiral" (his wife Daniela) accompanied him on the first and final legs of the journey, but for 2,000 of those miles he was solo, experiencing the solitude of navigating remote Canadian and Alaskan waters and - shall we say - the zen and art of maintaining their sturdy Catalina 36, the good ship S/V High Flight.

Larry is known around PYC for listening carefully to good advice, then promptly going off to do the exact opposite. On this journey, at three critical moments he intentionally chose to do things in the exact opposite way from that recommended by every cruising guide. The results of that contrariness ("stubbornness" Daniela says) are mixed, and although no damage to the boat or to himself resulted, the stories he tells are funny and (admit it) educational.

Are you interested in doing an Inside Passage? Or are you simply in the mood to have some laughs at Larry's expense? Either way, come join us for some enjoyable tales, told by on of PYC's most stubborn mariners.

Saturday, May 12th 2018

10:00 to 12:00 at Portland Yacht Club

Admission Free, Open to all.

No host lunch and bar available following the discussion

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