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The Northwest's Most Comprehensive Sailing Program

Sailing courses open a world of possibilities that includes many unexpected challenges. To sail competently, students need knowledge and experience to safely operate sailboats, and the skills and confidence to handle whatever unexpected weather or equipment issues may happen. And, after 35 years and over 12,000 sails we've learned what makes a great sailing program.  Below are our most popular programs and additional courses.

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We Appreciate Your Time

Like most of our students, we are parents and professionals pressed for time in today's busy world. So, we construct our classes to make best use of the time available: interactive online training and testing is often more efficient than books as well as frees class time. The extra class time is spent training on the water, giving students more meaningful practical instruction. And, we're flexible in that if weather doesn't cooperate or additional training is needed, we'll work with your schedule in continuing the training.

We Teach on the Water

Since the dawn of time when humans first took to the seas to 'learn the ropes', much of this training was passed down from sailor-to-sailor. That part hasn't changed much in sailing's 7,000+ year history, and in our small-group instruction you're trained by a highly experienced sailor. Our on-the-water courses include licensed instructors, Small Group low student-to-instructor ratios, proper equipment and no "time limit" on course length (i.e., we guarantee competency, regardless of time - hey you pay us for training, not stickers...). Choosing a Sailing School

We Use Advanced Online Training

NauticEd Flagship Sailing SchoolWhat has changed is technology, and we make knowledge training easier by utilizing the latest/greatest online training systems available. NauticEd's advanced online training gives students the most up-to-date and advanced training available while increasing your practical on-the-water instruction time. For continued training - Navigation, Radar, Weather and Celestial - we offer Starpath Navigation materials and home study courses.

The Highest Certification Standards

Island Sailing's practical courses exceed the standards of US based certification systems. Our affiliation with NauticEd offers paths to RYA, ICC and international certification, and with knowledge courses such as Navigation we work with the Starpath School of Navigation - which, surpasses any certification standard. For more info, see Certification Explained

Guaranteed Practical Competency

Simply, you're paying us to learn to sail at a certain level (not for a certain number of hours). We guarantee that in practical courses your instructor will verify your practical competency, regardless if it requires additional training time.  And, if you're not satisfied with your class or instructor, then you can retake the course at no additional charge.

Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Provided very constructive lessons without being overly critical. We did not always have ideal wind conditions… so …

Larry S.


1. Basic Sailing

Learn to Sail Skipper Small Keelboat Basic Sailing

Learn to Sail with the fundamental knowledge and on-the-water training needed to competently crew and Skipper Keelboats up to 24'.

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2. Basic Cruising

Basic Cruising and NauticEd Skipper course and certification

Learn to Cruise and sail further and faster with improved sail and boat handling techniques, in heavier weather and with sailboats 25' and larger.

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3. Bareboat

Bareboat Course and NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master certification

Learn a complete understanding of vessel systems, planning, and large boat handling so you can confidently sail and charter.

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» Offshore & ICC

offshore sailing catamaran and ICC licensing

Lose sight of land, learn passage-making to exotic Ports like Bermuda, Guadeloupe and BVI's and gain International Licensing.

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Coastal Navigation

Coastal Navigation Class ASA 105

Navigation knowledge and skills are essential to sailing or chartering. Learn hands-on Coastal Navigation from an instructor and Starpath materials.

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Cruise & Learn

cruise and learn in the San Juans ASA certification

Learn in the San Juans with friends and family, become certified and have fun with this unique and highly personalized sailing program.

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First Sail


Interested in learning how to sail? Take the First Sail Experience to see first-hand why sailing is one of the most exhilarating activities on Earth with this unique on-the-water opportunity experience.

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Marine Weather

Boathing and Sailing Marine Weather courses

Learn how to plan your sailing by using weather data and on-board observations. Develop your skills to predict winds, hazardous conditions, and safe harbors.

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Outboard Motor Clinic

Outboard Motor Clinic - learn to operation and maintain outboard engines

The Outboard Motor Clinic increases sailors’ confidence in operating and troubleshooting outboard engines.  No mechanical skills are needed - hands-on learning!

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Spinnaker Class

Spinnaker Sailing Class

Learn to harness the power of the Spinnaker sail for performance and light wind in our Spinnaker Class. Learn hands-on from experienced instructors.

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ICC Assessment

International Certificate of Confidence for chartering ICC certification

Sailing Internationally?  The pinnacle of recreational sailing licenses is the ICC - the only sailing license accepted by European Countries and the International Standard for chartering abroad.

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Coaching Sessions

Sailing coaching sessions with certified instructors.

Sail with fellow sailors with the guidance of an Instructor. Practice skills, boat handling and maneuvering - really, whatever the group wants to learn.

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Sailing First Aid

Northwest-Wilderness Medicine Training Center sailing first aid

Prepare for the unexpected! Students gain the knowledge, skills and ability to make sound decisions in emergency situations.

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Locks Clinic

lock passage and planning clinic

Through the locks!  Learn what you need to know about locks from an instructor and while aboard an Island Sailing sailboat passing through Seattle's Ballard locks.

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