**For Sailing Students - Intro Membership Special**
Sign-up with the club with dues of only $125/month* Savings of over $700!
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Island Sailing Club is an expansion of our sailing school, allowing students and sailors to sail, gain experience, and meet other sailors.  If new to sailing, the club allows students to practice and improve their skills while sailing with family and friends. Experienced sailors can enjoy sailing, racing and cruising without the hassle and expense of boat ownership. As an Island Sailing member, you can affordably sail in Portland, Kirkland and Olympia.

Local Sailing + Chartering: Sailing locally with a club and school allows for much more comprehensive experience and training. For chartering and advanced training, we work with charter companies, professional captains and industry professionals around the world to offer sailing opportunities well beyond the local horizon.

Sailors join Island Sailing Club for many reasons: some want to gain experience before purchasing a boat. Many just want to sail occasionally, or socially (e.g., racing or cruising), and without the commitment of owning a boat. And, often joining a sailing club is part of achieving more ambitious sailing goals.


  • Sail with Family and Friends. Qualified family members are included in your membership
  • Access professional instructors to continue your sailing education
  • Basic Sailing course included with membership
  • Discounts on most classes and seminars
  • Over 3o sailboats across the Pacific Northwest - – Columbia River, Puget Sound and Lake Washington
  • Low monthly rates, less than moorage alone and much less than owning a boat (boat ownership comparison)
  • Reciprocal relationships (deals) with other sailing clubs, schools and charter companies in the NW and across the country

Need Help? Contact Island Sailing

Contact Josh Shenkman at or (503) 285-7765 with questions or to sign-up.


We offer 3 unique membership options for individuals & families, groups and travelers.

Standard Membership

The best choice for most sailors as you sail year-round, receive discounts on classes and benefit from access to instructors.

  • Great value at a low monthly rate.
  • Club benefits are all inclusive with no additional fees for day use of sailboats.
  • Dues are $184 per month with a minimum 12 month commitment.
  • One time $400 joining fee includes one Basic Sailing Course.
  • Membership includes the whole family. If they are certified, they can go sailing!

Friends Membership

A standard membership except shared by multiple people.

  • Ideal for a company or a group of friends
  • Multiple participants share a membership, lowering the monthly costs for each!
  • Dues are $128 per month.
  • One time $300 joining fee per person includes one Basic Sailing course for each shared member.
  • Limited to 2-4 people per membership, and only one reservation per membership at any one time.

Social Membership

Monthly rates are low and you pay per-use of the boats.

  • Designed for travelers and non-residents in mind.
  • Low daily rates each time they use a boat. (see notes below)
  • Dues are $50 per month with a minimum 12 month commitment.
  • One time $100 joining fee. (does not include lessons)
  • Off-Season Daily Rate Discount 20%. (Oct-April)

*Details are found in the Membership Guidelines

Island Sailing Club Membership Special

**For Sailing Students -  Introductory Special**
Sign-up with the club and received discounted dues of $125/month*

• Full Standard Membership - unlimited day sailing

• Monthly dues of $125/month, no initiation fee. Over $900 savings.

• Only eligible for Island Sailing students (i.e., if you've taken a sailing class or sign-up for one. The special does not apply to class fees)

*Fine Print: only eligible for Island Sailing students. Requires a 12-month commitment. The introductory rate expires after the first year of membership.

Registration & Questions

To register or if you have questions, please submit the contact form below and we'll follow-up. Our process begins with answering questions and discussing training and details related to the club membership. Simply, we will answer any questions, show you the fleet and schedule your first class.





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Need Help? Contact Island SailingAlternatively, you can contact Josh Shenkman directly at or (503) 285-7765 with questions, for more information or to sign-up!

Always be yourself! Unless you can be a sailor. Then always be a sailor.

Sailing Club Feedback

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Colin B. on 4/30/17

For serious and low key, recreational sailors alike, Island Sailing Club can't be beat.  At a fraction of what it would cost to register, maintain, insure and moor a boat, and a lot less expensive than other clubs, Island Sailing has a great selection of well maintained boats in various rigs and lengths.  

Probably the best part of the club are the other members - a fun, easy going group.  Racing maniacs and casual puff-chasers, beginners and trans-ocean Captains, the members are great fun to spend time with on deck or in the clubhouse.  

The classes are taught by experienced, approachable sailors at a deep discount for members which makes Island Sailing Club a perfect opportunity for sailors trying - as I am - to get as much experience and education as possible, as quickly as possible and as economically as possible.

Take a class, meet Josh, Alan, Dave and Mr. Mittens.  You will be glad that you did.

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5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Chi Naruse on 4/29/17

I had an opportunity to be on my friend's sailing boat and it made me want to know about sailing. Until then, I wasn't interested in any water sports and I was even scared of water.

So I decided to take the first sailing and the weekend basic sailing class at the Island Sailing. The instructor Stephen has great knowledge and lots of experience. He was willing to share it and teaching me patiently with encouragement! I learned from him so much! 

The Program Director Josh has been so supportive since I sent my first email to ask about classes. To start learning about sailing from 0 (sailing terminology was foreign to me at the beginning!) has been challenging. But I've started getting on a boat with a mentor and I learn every time and am more comfortable to be on a boat. That makes me happy. My decision to learn sailing was right. Josh and the instructors provide warm-welcoming atmosphere and support. Without them, I didn't think that way. Thank you so much!

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Dan on 11/1/2015

We've been members of the Island Sailing Club for several years. The staff are great, the boats are pretty good and the price is cheap. $184 a month, to take out a boat that you don't have to do any upkeep on. Their classes are a good deal too. We sail most weekends and also go to their semi-annual formals and their dock parties are terrific too.

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Dieter W. on 9/1/2015

Happy 20th Dieter: Hi Alan, I just saw that my first certification from ISC was dated 7-94. How cool is that!? It speaks a lot of the quality of ISC, and especially the excellence of the people who work there! Since the beginning it has been a huge pleasure to be part of ISC, and I have always appreciated the awesome instructions, the technical assistance, and the countless perks I had received over the years! I am very fortunate to have made so many friends among the sailing community, mostly through the Club! My heartfelt “Thank You!” to all of you! 

5 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Sean on 6/1/2015

Island Sailing  has done a great job training us with an emphasis on safety and seamanship. Through our membership, we have been able to sail on the Columbia River, the Willamette River, and the Puget Sound.... A friendly and knowledgeable staff combined with a nice selection of boats in the Puget Sound and Portland locations makes Island Sailing the ideal place to gain or maintain your sailing skills.... The foundational sailing skills obtained have given us the ability to sail, charter, teach and ultimately gave us the confidence to purchase our own boat.

4 / 5 rating: Sailing Club
By Bridget P. on 8/1/2013

We've been members of the Island Sailing Club for several years. The staff are great, the boats are pretty good and the price is cheap. $184 a month, to take out a boat that you don't have to do any upkeep on. Their classes are a good deal too. We sail most weekends and also go to their semi-annual formals and their dock parties are terrific too. The boats are pretty basic, but they work well.