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Use this form to check-out only AFTER you've inspected and checked the vessel.

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Operator Terms & Conditions
Release & Indemnity Agreement

Do you have enough?
• PFD's (1 per person) • Child PFD's (required by law) • Type IV PFD's (throwable required on deck) • Mooring Lines

Were you able to find?
• First Aid Kit • Fire Extinguisher(s) (2 on larger vessels) • Bailer (bilge pump is optional) • Anchor & Rode's bitter end • Air Horn

If sailing at night or restricted visibility, are the following operational?
•Batteries • Running Lights • Anchor Light • Cabin Light

Did you?
• check for fuel leaks • "sniff" bilge for fuel vapors • open the fuel vent • start & warm the engine • check engine's properly ejecting water (cooling) • check weather / tide conditions

Failure to use this vessel in accordance with the terms of the Operator Terms & Conditions, and in compliance with federal and state laws, constitutes negligence and may result in liability.

The operator hereby absolves Northwest Sailing Center, Inc. (dba Island Sailing), its employees, agents and owners (collectively “ISC”) of any responsibility or the obligation in the event of an accident regardless of the consequences. ISC shall not be liable for any personal injuries or property damage sustained by the operator or his/her guests or their property, or for the condition or use of the boat or its equipment. The operator agrees to hold ISC free and harmless from any loss or injury sustained by the operator while on board the boat or engaged in club or school activities.

I acknowledge that ISC staff and personnel may not be available to answer questions or assist if there is an emergency or problem after business hours, and ISC is not held responsible for any additional costs incurred in seeking private or commercial assistance.

As operator, I have inspected the vessel, completed the check out procedure, and I acknowledge that the vessel is in Seaworthy* condition. I am fully aware that sailing, like other sports, has its inherent dangers and accept them as part of the sport of sailing.

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*Seaworthy Definition: “The vessel is competent to resist ordinary attacks of wind and weather, and is competently equipped and manned for the voyage, with a sufficient crew, and with sufficient means to sustain them, and with a captain of general good character and nautical skill.”

Please contact ISC staff for assistance (503) 285-7765