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Please find below links to our online forms. If questions on which form to use for what, please contact us!

Required Forms

Conditions & Policies › Island Sailing policies and conditions for classes and activities.

Release and Indemnification Agreement ›  required for sailing ISC boats and participating in ISC programs.

Operator Terms & Conditions › Island Sailing policies and requirements for the use of vessels and equipment.

Class Registration (required for registering for local NW classes)

Class Registration Form ›  for students registering for local classes.

San Juan Cruise & Learn Registration › specifically for registering for the San Juan Cruise & Learn.  Cruise & Learn students use this instead of the Class Registration.

Voyage Booking Forms (required for registering for Vacation and Excursions)

Voyage Booking Form ›  for registering for Vacation Sailing and Passages.  Also note Voyage Booking Conditions & Release ›

Guadeloupe Booking Form › specifically for trips to Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe students/guests use this instead of the Voyage Booking Form.

Helpful Tools

Quick Check Out › Save some paper, use this when checking out a boat!

Float Plan › File a float plan online....

Trust anyone whose boat shoes are more worn than yours